Buyers and Sellers

Buyers / Sellers

Buyers and their realtors typically select the Settlement Company they would like to use in a Residential Real Estate transaction. At Eastern Title & Settlements. we pride ourselves in our commitment to the entire transaction. This includes providing not just the buyer but also the Seller with equal access to our processing team and attorneys. It is our policy to answer all questions candidly regardless of whether the concern is regarding anything from capital gain recognition or closing costs. This commitment includes reviewing the entire contract, preparing the deed and other documents, and contacting the listing agent on behalf of the Seller. Regardless of whether the transaction is through a listing agent or is a FSBO (For Sale by Owner), Eastern Title & Settlements will treat each transaction with exactly the same dedication. In the unlikely case that a conflict arises, Eastern Title & Settlements will attempt to facilitate or mediate the issue, but will not represent either side outside the scope of the settlement process. We acknowledge that while we are typically chosen by the purchaser, our company is obligated in our fiduciary duties to both sides of the transaction and we take this responsibility very seriously. Purchasing a home or refinancing an existing loan is one of the largest if not the largest transaction many of us will make in our lifetime. Due to the numerous amounts of paperwork and forms to sign it can be very easy to get overwhelmed and intimidated. Eastern Title & Settlements promises to be here for you to make the entire process as seamless as possible.

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Our Attorneys

Our attorneys work in conjunction with our knowledgeable staff. They work with us to help answer any questions our clients may have regardless of the complexity of the transaction. Some typical questions and topics we can help you with are: • Questions regarding the purchase contract, your loan, and the role of your lender. • Walking you through reading and understanding a HUD1 Settlement Statement. • Guiding you through the entire process and explaining the functions of the Processor, Closer, and Post Closer. • Any questions regarding fees, transfer taxes, recordation taxes, and recording costs in your jurisdiction and the reasonableness of such fees. • An explanation of the documents that you will be required to sign at closing and the significance of each. When working with Eastern Title & Settlements feel free to ask any of our qualified staff and/or attorneys about any of these topics or any others that you may have questions

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